May 1, 2020

Why Fish Bait Finesse Trout

Seriously, Bait Finesse Trout! Why do it?

Speaking openly, my attraction to bait finesse fishing lies in the genuine simplistic nature involving one rod, one reel, one line and one box of lures. Let me break it down why I do it and why I am becoming fanatical about it...
 The Simplistic Nature
Seems like everyday one can read about a new technique whether it involves fly, trout, bass, steelhead, etc. You know, its the latest craze that if you can master it, success is assured. Sometimes these tactics are the real deal while many seem to fade away as fast as they came. Almost all of them require you to buy all sorts of new gear.

Maybe bait finesse trout is just another one of those new crazes but for me it's actually a bunch of proven techniques coming together for a new reason. Bait finesse does take some learned skill but it does so while stripping away enormous gear complications meanwhile it also strips out the negativity of things such as multi hook lures, heavy line and cheaply manufactured over-sized gear. Bait finesse is the opposite of all of those things.

Bait Finesse Rods

I could write a whole article about bait finesse rods and I will, but for now the short story is bait finesse rods are ultra lite power with fast action in a compact design with a trigger style grip. The short rod length lends itself to tight quarter cast, underhand or backhanded cast as well as casting accuracy. In skilled hands these rods can place lures within the bullseye of your intended target.

Bait Finesse Reels

Bait cast style or also known as levelwind reels have made huge advances in recent years including reaching into the finesse game. They are lighter, smoother and control backlash better than ever. Today's BFS reels are designed to handle lines easily down to about the 4 lb range and control cast with lures weighing as little as 1 gram.

Bait Finesse Lines

Choose your preference from super braid, fluorocarbon or nylon mono line. They all have certain stand-out properties and all modern lines are high quality and strong to their size. Soon I will review some of my favorites and for now I'll just mention that modern nylon monofilament has made a comeback and has got my full attention. The nylon monofilament line I use is about equivalent to a 50 meter spool of 4x fly tippet.

Bait Finesse Lures

Perhaps the coolest part of this fishing is the lures. Endless, new small lures are available to us today as well as many lures that have been around for decades such as Rapala CD03 Countdown's. In bfs, lures get modified to a single barbless hook.

Freshly modified with single hooks and belly blades

Unlike flies or plastics, your lures stay with you and you care for them the same way you care for the rest of your equipment. You learn what each one does well and where each one might be successful.

Bait Finesse is Ultra-lite fishing

Have you ever been interested in ultra lite fishing. BFS is ultra-lite fishing but with better gear. Nothing wrong with good spin gear if you don't mind line twist issues and very little cast control. Bait Finesse reels do take some additional learning to cast well but the payoff is no line twist and much better control over casting accuracy. They also are more compact, fit in your hand better, and are just more fun.

But why do I do it?

There's something about making a great cast and getting a trout to move on it. The reward is exactly that, a reaction and it can happen in a nano second. I don't even have to hook a fish to feel the reward. Just seeing it's motion on my lure causes my adrenaline to flow. Yes, I do want to be rewarded with fish in hand but it doesn't have to be every trout in the river.

At times I get tired of always being in school every time I go fishing. Always something new to learn and master. There are times I just want to get out in nature and let my mind empty itself. Reboot!

I'm pretty good with a baitcaster and pretty good with lures from my years of bass angling so not much brain ram has to go into bait finesse for me. Sure, if you are new to this it will take some time to get where I am.

I like to explore rivers and streams. I see a lot of anglers hang out in one spot forever, making same cast over and over with a fly rod that has a bobber attached to the line. This is my definition of insanity!

I know fly fishing well and not all of it is like this but still my point is bait finesse lets me identify possible fish holding water, make my best attempt to move fish and than move on and continue to explore. At the end of the day I have seen miles of stream and nature, got in a great hike or float and got away from the crowds and burdens of life, including bobbers!

Are you waiting for fish to bite!

I don't accept days where old timers say, "well, they just not biting today." I don't wait for fish to bite and furthermore they don't bite, they strike! That is the reaction I want to achieve. I believe at any given time a fish can be coax to react and strike. My goal is to locate those fish willing to participate in my game of trickery.

Trickery! Bait finesse let's me focus on this idea alone. It helps me maximize my time in the process. One rod, reel and line that I can match any water type or condition with the simple change of a lure.

It get's better, with the addition of a small micro snap I can change a lure in seconds. Faster, slower, deeper, shallower, comeback, color, flash, vibration...I have a whole box of tricks all within a seconds notice and it all fits into one box. Once you know and understand each of your lures characteristics matching structure or condition becomes second nature.

Sometimes I feel like we have made fishing way too difficult. Sure we need to go to school from time to time but sooner or later it's time to become an artist.

Become an Artist! What does that mean?

Stop and break fishing down for just one minute. The most basic angling goal is to trick a fish into eating something that is not whatever he thinks it is. Whether a fly, nymph, crawfish, minnow, mouse or whatever else is fair game to that fish's diet our goal as anglers is to deceive our prey. No difference if a fly rod, spin rod or bait finesse rod, no matter what artificial means you choose to deceive your prey the art is in the deception. That my friend is the art of angling!

Bait finesse becomes an extension of my arm. It's compact design allows me access in the thick of a mountain stream and make precision cast with little effort. Lures provide an attraction that can make a trout move with ambition that makes my adrenaline flow. It provides me a sense of freedom. And Freedom is exactly what I seek and need when I engage my passion, the passion of Angling

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