May 30, 2020

Walleye on Float and Fly

Finally! My first landed walleye using my Float and Fly Technique including my hand made flies, leader and float. 

Float and Fly

I've been close to catching walleye several times but between lost in the fight or bitten off this species...
has eluded me for too long. Thanks to covid-19 I was on foot at one of the few places in New Mexico I could legally fish and find solitude, something not easily found in these troubles times. 

He wanted it! Hooked deep! When I saw this I was shocked he didn't bite me off with all those teeth rubbing line. The tippet end is Scientific Anglers Absolute Fluorocarbon in 8 lb size. It sure held it's own against those sharp teeth. 

Moments later close to same catch location I landed a smallmouth and he choked up this shad minnow. Just reaffirms the need for more translucent fly patterns. Same day I had good success with my copper princess fly pattern.

The Thomas and Thomas Exocett SS 200gr is an amazing fly rod. Paired up with a Galvan Torque Reel and a Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Titan Long Fly Line this rod reacts when you ask it to react whether asking for casting or hooking, The SS does the job with authority. 
6.13.2020 Update...Two weeks after landing this walleye I landed another. Slightly smaller but still a good quality fish. 

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