April 18, 2020

Video - Fun with Float and Fly

Float and Fly on Foot from Dirty Angler on Vimeo.

Many days float and fly is hard to beat. On this spring day I landed 27 fish all on float and fly. The landing ratio is really...
solid with this technique and the hook is near always clean and in upper lip. I only had two more strikes this day that I did not land and I know that one I just didn't get a solid set on. Funny, I don't like to bobber nymph fish for trout but something about float and fly for bass just totally captures me. I think in part the attraction is it catches any warmwater species, or that I have designed my own fly and floats, or maybe it's just still surprises me how convinced the fish are that eat it. Whatever it is I am hooked solid and will continue adventures with Float and Fly.

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