March 21, 2019

Chile - 2019

Just back from 2nd annual trip to Chile. It would be hard not to make this an ongoing annual trip from now til ???

I apologize now for sparse details about location but it must remain so as I am under a honorary oath to do so. If interested in this experience you can contact me direct.

What I can tell you is this game is for migratory brown trout. Like steelhead, much of your success involves how many fish are in the river. This years warm weather had us concerned. Those concerns where soon laid to rest.

What I've learned about fishing for these migratory's is they are moody! Sometimes it's everything you can do just to get one to show itself and other times they are aggressively willing.

New this season, I added an approach of big top water beetle fishing. Glad I did seeing that three of my catch came to hand this way and several other fished appear for the offering. The visual is epic!

I've caught many brown trout but these fish are different. They are shouldered and strong. Fish of recent migration appear much more silver like. A couple of my catches jumped more than I've ever seen. Full body out of water type of jumps.

This fishery will test you and your gear to the max!

We're back home now and recovering. Muscles aches and sleep deprivation are on the mend but all we can think about is next year!

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