February 12, 2019

Fishing Philosophy Chapter 2122019

I torment myself with fishing rods

Today's vision is this 3'8" 2pc ultra lite baitcaster along with soon to be custom built 8' 4wt 4pc sage accel for the purpose of ultra lite single hand skagit. The vision is on foot small stream wade upstream while baitcasting pockets with lures then at turn-around, switch rods, which will fit in same rod tube, to swing tactics while fishing back downstream.

I can think of two sections of rio chama that this is feasible. Also possible section of Gila river and just came to mind a section of rio grande

And of course that is just in state.

You know I watch a lot of guys, industry people especially, much of the time they seem to be about impressing people with their fly fishing prowless...I only ever wanted to be the best angler I can be. Be to a point where it's more success by skill rather then luck. for this reason I cannot tie myself solely to one method.. doing so would severely restrict the use of skill. When I'm on the stream or lake the only person I need to impress is me. No one else matters. I'm not comfortable with sheer luck even tho much of this is luck.

Maximizing my skill set for every fishing situation will hopefully bring about solving the issue of finding success. If there is fish in the water I'm fishing I need the skills to catch them. There is no excuse for me

I never want to tell stories of wonderful weather and beautiful scenery...those are excuses

Over decades I've caught fish in the most unlikely scenarios. Of course perseverance plays a key role but there is still some sort of mythical lack of understanding that ones own belief in success will in-fact bring about success. To me it's the greatest phenomenon in the skill set of fishing. Believe you will catch fish and percentage of success will prevail, Doubt you will catch fish and more often then not that will be your fate.