September 20, 2018

Underwater Fish Photography

Watch Video...

Equipped with a waterproof pocket camera I'm having a lot of fun taking these underwater pictures. You never know what you're going to get. I wanted a way to photograph my catch while I fishing alone. I tried to do fish selfies but that was just felt totally wrong on many levels.

Many fish get away before I have a chance for photo or video. More and more I try to keep the event as a natural release. New pictures are achieved by netting catch, removing hook, then with camera in one hand while I cradle the fish in other hand I simply let the fish go when he is ready. I miss a lot of photo opportunities but the feeling of a healthy release is good for the soul, pictures or not.

My camera is an Olympus Tough TG860. It also shot the underwater video fish releases found in the Fish Chile post. It's getting a little rough from years of use but still working pretty good. The Olympus tough has been upgraded several times since I've purchased mine. I would and will get it again when I'm ready for a new one.