September 12, 2018

Fly Fish Chile with Outcast Anglers - Video

Fly Fish Chile with Outcast Anglers | 180Trout

Fish Chile from BassProGreg on Vimeo.

The fishing experience is challenging and real. The rewards are great. In this short video get a feel for what Outcast Anglers and 180Trout have found and so graciously shared. An experience of a lifetime and worth doing again!
Chile is an extraordinary destination for fishing and culture. Life there took me back to a time before over-development. It feels clean and natural. I can't think of a river that I have fished that is as clean and natural as this one is.
Sorry, but no names will be mentioned about this location. I know someday eventually it will be developed and fishing lodges will line the banks but until then lips are sealed. If you wish to experience this place please book your trip with Lance Wilt of Outcast Anglers at