September 8, 2018

Float and Fly Video

Float and Fly from Dirty Angler on Vimeo.

This simple tactic of Float and Fly continues to amaze me. It has worked in all kinds of water and all kinds of conditions. It seems to work best when other tactics fail. It's not just a small fish tactic as you can witness in this video. I've been told my success is also in part how I fish with it. I craft my own flies, modify my own floats and tie my own leaders. While this tactic is regularly performed with spin gear I find it more fun and effective with a fly rod. Longer than a decade I've experimented with this tactic. Now my future quest is to perfect it. More species, more locations and more fly patterns is what I am pursuing.

While the Dirty Angler Blog is a collection of things I have either produced or find interesting as the future rolls forward its focal point will be pursuing the Float and Fly tactics. For a long time I've mostly kept this information to myself. Now I wish to openly publish it for those interested to find. If you find my blog while searching for float and fly, please drop me a message so I'll know and follow along on Instagram @dirty_angler