September 5, 2018

Crick Bassin - Video

This short video highlights my recent trip to the Midwest on some small water with big fish. It was the beginning of June and the fish were post spawn. Poppers attracted a few fish but it was float-n-fly that put the most fish in my hand. It still amazes me when one can observe a fish flat out refuse other offerings and yet doesn't hesitate to eat my float-n-fly. On this day I fished behind my buddy. He went first throwing either a game changer or a booglebug. I came in behind with float-n-fly to clean up. Most of the day I had out-fished him until late day when a thunderstorm rolled in. Just before the storm the fish turned on to his booglebug at the same time they seem to become skittish to my float. I wonder if a popper dropper setup could have been more effective.