September 23, 2016

One Lure Changed Everything

I bet you have a special lure or fly in your box that trumps them all. One that you would swim for if it became snagged on bottom. I've had many special lures and flies over years but if you asked me which one is the most special only one comes to mind.

Why so special?
My special lure is a Bill Lewis Rattletrap. I bought it new over 25 years ago. The particular color has not been available since I don't know when. This lure not only has caught in the 3 digit numbers of fish but also has numerous species to its name.

Bass including large, small and spotted species. Stripe bass, white bass and their cross cousins. Catfish, crappie and even bluegill respond. Walleye, sauger and saugeye. Carp and freshwater drum have even chased it down. Pike, gar and coho salmon have all fallen victim to its allure.

Coho Salmon Fell Victim
After months of searching I finally found one exactly like it on ebay. Once in hand and several attempts fishing has proven that this impostor just does not have the mojo of the One that I now keep in a secret secure place.

I can't explain what makes this lure so effective. I've always liked Rattletraps and I a fan of other brands of lipless crankbaits. They cast far, vibrate crazy and work fast. Fish that are willing to go after them do so with pure aggression.

This obsession has sparked a whole collection of them. Seriously like 4 Plano boxes full. Old and new. More than I will ever have time to fish with.

If I only had one lure to fish it would be a rattletrap.
The Tormented Angler