July 25, 2016

Fishing Is Sharing

The greatest reward in fishing is sharing. At least that is what I realize every time I see the results having shared my passion for fishing.
Not the Sharing of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram although yeah this will probably end up there anyway but I’m talking about real sharing, not the kind where you push that funny looking symbol on your phone. While that method can reach a lot of people it seems to be missing something. I never feel the reward of my efforts when other people like my shared post.

My reward comes with the story or picture of those that I directly influenced somehow. Maybe it was a casting lesson or techniques I shared or species information. So many ways we can share our knowledge to someone who is attentive to listen.
I’m not going to lie when I say I miss being a fishing guide. Sure it was tough and talk about an emotional roller coaster ride during trips not to mention the work before and after trips that goes unappreciated by most of your clients. Anybody who is or has ever been a fishing guide can tell countless stories of highs and lows and at the end of the day and the bills are paid you learn that the reward is in what you freely gave away.
My grandpa unselfishly shared his passion for fishing to me so many years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. He’s long since gone but I assure you that a part of his passion still lives on. That is still an unwritten story in my documents.
I see others out there that hide what they are doing on the river and scream at those who get too close. They sneak around making sure no one is watching them so as to not give up a secret hole. Some of them wouldn’t lend a hand if you were floating downriver with your waders full of water. It’s ok to tuck away a few secrets to yourself but if you want any rewards you are going to have to share.
Recently while visited by some family I learned a certain nephew took an interest in fishing. I often have long dry spells occur with no others to share with. I probably overwhelmed my nephew a little and at the same time I’m putting on the brakes doing my best not to overwhelm him. We did a fly casting lesson and talked about the water he had been fishing. We reviewed all kinds of gear and what their purpose is. He’s not a fly fisherman yet but in time and he’ll be great. Look at the arms on this young guy. I sent him home with some flies and lures, gave verbal description of what to look for and how to fish it. It’s the best I could do in the short period of time we had together.

Today I got an email and it read…
“After a weekend of creek fishing here is the winner. Got him with the top water lure you gave me when I visited. Hopefully there will be more successes to come!!”

I got my reward! I don’t get anything sharing this short story with any of you who read it but I hope that it influences some of you to share your fishing passion with others.  Trust me, it’s worth every minute!
The Tormented Angler

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