June 15, 2016

Froggin on the Tittabawassee

Grandpa was the first to show me how to take bass on frogs way back when I was about 10 years old. We would take the boat out on the old farm pond just as the sun was getting ready to set. He'd say cast it up there as close to shore as you can and let it sit a minute than give it a twitch. The first time I watched as the the still water turned in a swirl and just about the same time I was wondering what is happening the big bass broke surface and smashed that frog. Somehow in the midst of total shock and awe I managed to get a hook on him and we landed that big bass. The experiences Grandpa gave me 40 years ago are still alive and drive my tireless passion yet today. I hope one day long after I'm gone someone will remember me the way I remember Grandpa.

The frog bite comes in many different forms. Sometimes the bass will come up behind it slowly and pause, sometimes it will stay well below as nothing more than a shadow. Many times they will swirl the water and wake the frog. Other times they just absolutely charge and smash it without a hint of hesitation. The smallies on this day were being quite elusive. After working several different flies I finally settled on Schultzy's deer hair diving frog. This frog dives when given a slow long strip. The bass in the photo inhaled it while the frog was in the dive under the surface.
Big Thanks goes out to guide Dave Cross of Little Forks Outfitters and Scientific Anglers Erick Johnson for setting me up on this incredible evening float.
The equipment: Sage Method 890-4, Lamson Litespeed #3, Scientific Anglers Wavelength Titan WF8F. This setup worked the big hair frog with authority. Casts easy and hook sets are solid!
The Tormented Angler

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