June 21, 2016

Float & Fly - Method to the Madness

This big guy first got interested in a Schultz'y streamer known as Swinging D. But before he committed a little 12" rat came out of nowhere and slammed the big streamer and sent this big bass to his retreat. A little later my fishing buddy Greg Senyo also got him to pay attention to one of his streamers and he just wouldn't commit. I had my Sage Method rigged with a Float & Fly setup. I pulled off some line and presented to him and like slow motion we watched him come right up to it and inhaled my fly. While Greg was yelling "he took it, he took it" I gave a pause and planted the hook. There is nothing like watching it all go down and even bigger reward for me with a first hand witness to another Float and Fly success.
What is it about this technique that will get a fish like this to eat when he just is not in the mood to react to other offerings!? I'm about to publish an article called What is Suspend Fishing. In this article I present my own definition of suspend fishing and give examples of the technique across many different forms of fishing.
Tormented Angler