May 11, 2016

What Fly Rod Weight to use

When choosing fly rod size step up for fishing large heavy flies and or sinking tip lines. Too often I see anglers trying to use small rods for sink tip lines and large or heavy flies. We tend to always assume that we match our rods to our quarry. An approach that I have found that works better is to match my rod to the type of line and size of fly I wish to fish with. Example: I will use up to 8 weight rods for bass fishing. Most anglers I talk to think 8 weight is too big for bass angling but what an 8 weight fly rod can do for me is allow me to fish bigger flies and/or sinking tip lines all the while making casting much easier and less tiring and allowing me to reach further distances to provide more opportunity. In the picture above this fish was taken on an G.Loomis GLX Shore Stalker 8wt rod. The fly is not that big but it is quite heavy and the setup also includes and indicator (bobber) making it that much more to control and cast. While this fish is no trophy he still is more than capable of bending an 8 weight plus I have the power to move him away from snags and structure that might allow him to break away. Sure if a particular fishery's average size is 12" than an 8 weight is certainly overkill but in that type of fishery I am probably not going to be fishing as large of a fly or have the need to get down as deep with heavy sinking lines. When choosing a rod for a particular species one should consider fly size, fly weight. fly wind resistance and type of line needed. Getting the right setup to do the work for you will make your fly fishing experience not only easier but in turn provide you with a better chance of success.
The Tormented Angler

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