May 21, 2016

The Hunt and the Tug

Stepping into new water is one of my favorite aspects of fly fishing. You have no preconceived expectations to which success can be gauged. Every swing of your fly is a chance for a new discovery. Every step in the river is new ground you stand on. Every breath you take contains its own unique fragrant recipe of the local ecosystem. It's a chance to experience a brief moment where time would certainly stands still if not for the eternal movement of a flowing stream. Definition of a fly angler should read Explorer; Seeker of new discovery. Fishing a past favorite piece of water is like catching up with an old friend and always worthy of the time vested but with warning I proclaim that the fly angler should never become complacent for such condition shall surely result in the loss of ones angling passion. Take time to embrace the hunt and seek the tug of the One for he shall be with you for all the days of your life and forever more.
The Tormented Angler

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