May 3, 2016

Finding Untapped Trout Water

I always keep a lookout for untapped water especially on high pressure rivers and lakes. As you can see this is not a spot one can wade to and although a drift boat might drop a bobber in while floating by no one has stood on this bank and swung a fly through this run. This small piece of water yielded a rainbow and two browns in short order. My Stealth Pro inflatable boat got me there and my trout spey rod enabled me to cast streamer and sink tip even though I was backed up against the hillside. I spotted this tiny piece of water the last time I floated this river but I was already past it so I made a mental note to hit it when I floated this stream again.
This is what I live for! The moment all of the knowledge I've collected, the observations I made, and the commitment to perfect the art of angling shows it's success. It's the discovery one finds on their own with their own knowledge of the hunted species and it's unique characteristics.  Often these discoveries are far and few between and it is easy to become blind to new opportunities. One should always try a new piece of water on an otherwise familiar fishery. I am reminding myself of that idea as much as I'm sharing it in this blog. Use all your knowledge and senses to seek untapped water.
The Tormented Angler

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