April 23, 2016

Spring Bassin with Float and Fly

When bass don't seem to respond to reaction tactics I reach for float and fly. This setup includes Sage Largemouth Bass fly rod, Lamson Litespeed reel, Scientific Anglers Titan fly line and a fly I tie myself. Most of the time my fly is more natural colors but on this day they wanted pink. Never overlook pink and smallies. I fish the fly under a float (indicator, bobber whatever you want to call it) but I wouldn't call it nymph/indi fishing. I call it suspend fishing. Besides the fly being a forage minnow pattern and not a bug there is also some technical differences that really make this tactic work. Sorry, detailed technical specs are still my closely guarded secret and other than the occasional glimpse like this photo, that is about as much as I wish to disclose at this time.
The Tormented Angler

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