April 3, 2016

Single Hand Spey Brown Trout

This year I have been experimenting with single spey. For those not familar single spey is simply fishing a single hand 9 foot fly rod with a short skagit style spey head. The benefit I gain from this is being able to put myself in places where backcast are not possible while still able to make cast using two hand spey techniques. Oh yeah and do it with sink tips in deep fast currents. Trout spey casts are not about distance but instead about fishing water that rarely gets fished due to it's difficult nature. Sometimes it really pays off as in this fish above. Not a huge fish but in fast current it hit my fly like lightning and fought a strong fight without ever giving up. He barely let me hold him long enough on this release to grab the photo. The photo is another experiment I've been working on. Most the time I am alone on these trout trips and taking fish selfies usually goes way bad. Instead I am trying to capture the release. This gets the fish back in water as quick as possible and if I'm lucky he'll rest in my hand long enough to grab a pic with my Olympus Stylus TG-860.

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