March 25, 2016

Way Back Bass

Way Back Bass
Sometime around 1978-1979 is when I caught this bass. It weighed almost 6 lbs and was 23" long. I remember it very well. I had heard of a lake near home hidden deep in a valley surrounded by woods. I hiked in the back way and found it. The next day I went to the property owner and asked permission to fish it. He said go ahead. It was early in the year and after an hour I had only caught one small bass. I was about to give up on it and go home when my spinnerbait got slammed by this big female. Back then I called spinnerbaits stumpjumpers. Not sure if that was the brand or what. Anyway I never even considered that I should put it back until I came walking out with it and the property owner met me at the gate. He said "Nice fish, now you just run along and don't come back". I had caught and released plenty of fish before this one but never did not releasing a fish have such an impact. I sure would have liked to fish that lake again. 
The Tormented Angler

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