January 29, 2014

Rivers’ Secrets are Hidden Deep Within

Missouri River, Montana
Close your eyes and use your vision to see the current of the river. Not the vision as in sight but the vision of water flowing in harmony and unison. Listen to the cascading water with your ears. Wade in and feel the current against your body while you reach your hand for a feel. Take a deep breath and smell the water and in some rivers have a taste. Now open your eyes and combine all senses and come to the realization that the secrets of the river are still hidden deep within out of range of all your senses. Each river has its own unique signature. It’s up to you to learn that signature and learn how to read the currents and seems. The intricacies of a flowing river are as long and widely varied as the river itself. To understand this captivation is the life long quest of a fly angler. To become one with the river we will have to unlock the sixth sense and find the rivers’ secrets hidden deep within.
Greg - Tormented Angler